No-show fence builder's excuses are indefensible

Laura likes to change her appearance a lot - from her mugshots to photos that her customers took, she looks different. But what doesn't change is how much she likes taking deposits from her customers - and then not building their fences.


Lawyer runs off with 81-year-old woman's home, she says

Juliette is an 81-year-old widow who said she was fooled into signing away her home for $2,000. Moe Eid is an attorney who allegedly convinced her to sign over her home for a small fraction of what she could have sold it for.


Dreamers say father and son lured them to scam artist

David Willett claims he knows people - including a guy with millions of dollars to lend. He also told a college professor and a software engineer that he could get them a bundle of cash to finance their projects. But that guy? He never even met him.


Customers say they have dirt on shady landscaper

Even though his customers aren't happy, Joe Vella doesn't have a care in the world. We caught up to him outside the Livingston County Courthouse where he's a defendant in a criminal case and has been ordered to pay back more than $1 million.


Pink Energy goes dark after months of problems

To say it's been a rough 2022 for Pink Energy is putting it lightly. Now all of its employees are without jobs as the company, formerly known as PowerHome Solar, closed effective immediately.