The Doctor Is In: Beaumont Student Heart Check

Corewell Health’s Beaumont Student Heart Check program manager, Jen Shea and Corewell Health Beaumont Troy Hospital cardiologist, Dr. Ilana Kutinsky, talk about how to help prevent sudden cardiac arrest in young athletes.


The Doctor Is In: Childhood Obesity

Dr. Jaime Taylor, Adolescent Medicine at Beaumont Children's, discusses the new guidance from The American Academy of Pediatrics for children struggling with obesity.


The Doctor Is In: Proton Therapy

Dr. Hesham Gayar, Radiation Oncologist & Medical Director of the McLaren Proton Therapy Center in Flint, explains proton therapy and who can benefit from it the most.


Dr. Patricia Paz Arabo Talks Holiday Heart Health

Cardiac events spike during the last week of December. Dr. Patricia Paz Arabo shares what symptoms to lookout for and how to keep your heart healthy during the stressful holiday season.


The Doctor Is In: Flu cases on the rise

Dr. Justin Skrzynski, Internal Medicine/ COVID hospitalist, Corewell Health William Beaumont University Hospital, formerly Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak talks about rising cases of the flu and Covid-19 just weeks before the holidays.


The Doctor Is In: Weight Loss Surgery

Dr. Carl Pesta, surgeon and Medical Director of the Bariatric Surgery Institute at McLaren Macomb, talks about the benefits of bariatric surgery and who should consider it.


The Doctor Is In: RSV, Flu & Covid-19

Rahul Mehta, MD, Emergency Medicine Chair, Trinity Health Oakland and Fabian Fregoli, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Trinity Health Oakland talk about the surge in cases of RSV , rising cases of Covid-19 and flu season.


The Doctor Is In : Lung Cancer Awareness

David Sternberg, M.D., a Cardiothoracic Surgeon at Karmanos Cancer Institute talks about the leading cause of cancer deaths in the U.S., lung cancer.


The Doctor Is In: Nurse Navigators

Andrea Briefs Ferris, a Breast Health Nurse Navigator at Trinity Health Oakland talks about how she helps cancer patients and their families get the help and resources they need following a life-altering cancer diagnosis.


The Doctor Is In: Breast cancer care and treatment

Dr. Lydia Choi is a breast surgeon at the Karmanos Cancer Institute. She says breast cancer patients are needing less treatment than they did years ago. The institution is holding its annual cancer symposium on Oct. 15. Learn more here: //www.karmanos.org/karmanos/cancer-symposium


The Doctor Is In : Lifestyle Medicine

Lisa McDowell, Director of Lifestyle Medicine at Trinity Health Michigan, talks about all the factors that work together for a healthier and longer life. Plus, she shares a look at some of the superfoods we should all be trying to incorporate into our meals this Fall.